some of my favourite things

donuts, my family, friends, skulls, random facts, donkeys, binge-watching TV series, writing while it's raining, cats, the gym, psychology, dogs, concerts, gin, travelling, singing (badly,) dancing, lazy Sundays, feminism, Chris Evans, cheese, new shoes, pancakes, girls weekends, horror movies, cider, the countryside, BBQ's, collecting corks, makeup, pom-pom hats,  clean sheets, the cold side of the pillow, live music, the theatre, time with my bestie, Halloween, Nashville, black, everything Christmas, learning new things, massages.


how I got where I am today...

I've had a strong passion for words since the ripe old age of two when my granddad would tell me stories. I used to sit and listen to his tales of adventure and second chances, enraptured in the worlds he created every single night. At school I was always called "very bright and capable but has her head in the clouds", and I don't think I have changed at all. From there I always wrote in diary/journal form up until the age of 12 when I started writing crime & thrillers. That used to be my favourite genre to delve into until I was older and branched out into reading different genres. I fell in love with romance, women's lit,  & romantic comedies as a teenager and have adored it ever since.

As I grew up, life happened; travelling, studying, friends, and I forgot about my passion for writing but never reading. After I had my little girl, who is my absolute world, I moved around the world and took on different jobs, but deep down I needed a creative outlet in the form of beautiful words. I picked up the Dystopian story I had started to write when I was a teenager (go figure I would be the type of person to hoard notebooks from years ago) and wrote half a book... not a very good one, but half a novel none-the-less. From there I kept on writing, honing my craft, until I finally released my first book, One Moment.

Which brings us to today. To date (20/07/2020) I have written and published 7 novels. SEVEN. To me, it's everything. These characters, these worlds I get to dive into on a daily basis... it's everything. The sixth book, Taking Control, made me an International Bestseller, which is something I never EVER dreamed I'd achieve.

I currently write on my own and have written with my best friend Abigail Davies on the Broken Tracks Duet. To keep up to date on my latest news & shenanigans, you can join my Facebook reader group  HERE

"I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book." ~ J. K. Rowling