The little hollow series

One Moment (book one)

All it took to turn my world upside down was one moment.

I lost everything and in the midst of it all, he left me too.
I've been doing just fine pretending to be getting by,

until I see him standing on the edge of the dock after all these years.
I can’t forgive him, not after what he did.
But damn, my heart wants me to.

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when i'm with you (book two)

Protect myself first… always. My past has taught me that much.
The very people that were meant to love me unconditionally turned their backs on me. I shouldn’t have expected anything less from them, but his betrayal cut deep. He was the only one who ever cared.
I’ve moved across the country to get as far away as I can from all of them, but deep down I know they aren’t finished with me yet.
I know it’s just a matter of time before they finally catch up to me.
And when they do, I hope I can make it out alive.

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restoring faith (book three)



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